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House Moving

We call ourselves house movers, but we do so much more. Bridges, fertilizer tanks, locomotives, grand stands, green houses, truck scales, grain bins, and churches are some of the unusual structures we've moved. When you've been in such a business as long as us, you're bound to get some odd requests!

See some examples on our gallery page.

Do you have a structure you want to move? Buying a house at auction, wanting to preserve a historic building and zoning changes may all create a situation where you need a house mover. For questions about the cost and logistics of moving a building, call or email John or Gary Williams.

Foundations and basements

Williams Midwest House Movers Inc. also can raise your home for extensive foundation repairs. If you'd like to add a basement to your existing house, we can raise the house while the basement is poured, and lower your house back down onto your new foundation.


We service all of Nebraska and the Midwest.

We've got you covered

We carry special insurance to cover your house during a move. Let us take all the worry out of the process. We do very detailed bids, so there will be no surprises and we'll keep you informed all along the way.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed - we're not done with the job until you are satisfied!

Ask us about moving your house or other structure - call us today!